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Program Overview

Offered in collaboration with The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), UCLA Extension’s exam review program is designed to help fully prepare students for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) examination. The instructor-led online review courses utilize The IIA CIA Learning System, a premier-quality exam preparation program developed by The IIA. Course materials are delivered in a blended format consisting of printed workbooks and web-based software.

The CIA Review Online Program encompasses course sections based on the three parts of the CIA exam (Parts I-III). Students are encouraged to pre-study the IIA CIA Learning System course materials, which will be delivered approximately one week prior to the class sessions. 

Review Courses

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Part I: Essentials of Internal Auditing (Online)
This live online review session covers the new CIA exam Part 1 topics including foundations of internal auditing, independence and objectivity, proficiency and due professional care, quality assurance and improvement program, government, risk management and control, and fraud risks.

Part II: Practice of Internal Auditing (Online)
This live online review session covers the new CIA exam Part 2 topics including managing the internal audit activity, planning the engagement, performing the engagement, and communicating engagement results and monitoring progress.

Part III: Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing (Online)
This live online review session covers the new CIA exam Part 3 topics, including business acumen, information security, information technology, and financial management.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Utilize course materials that are designed by CIA-certified subject matter experts to help candidates pass all three parts of the CIA
  • Review key CIA exam topics and learn helpful test-taking strategies, all while interacting with experienced instructors who keep students on track to meet their learning objectives.
  • Available discounted fees to students officially enrolled in UCLA Extension’s Internal Audit Certificate, members of The IIA, and employers who have three or more employees participating in the program.

CIA Advice from 2016 IIA Award Winner

Student Expectations

Students are expected to take an active part in their learning. The printed workbooks and online study tools provide excellent resources that can help supplement the value of attending the instructor-led review sessions. Completing the interactive online review and testing, in addition to attending and actively participating in the class discussions and activities, is essential for getting the maximum value from this review program.

Course Materials / Online Resources

The IIA CIA Learning System is included in the course fee and will be shipped directly to students before the class begins.  The Learning System includes the following: 1) IIA Learning Systems Workbooks, 2) Student Slides and Activities, 3) Practice Exam and 4) Access to StudyPLUS, which includes a CIA Exam tips and techniques video, a template to better understand exam questions, preparation guide and additional tips from successful candidates.

 In addition, students will receive an e-mail providing information on how to access the online study tools and resources. Students must activate their account and enroll in the Learning System in order to access the online course materials and study tools.


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