19th Annual UCLA Extension Restaurant Industry Conference

Restaurant Realities:  Making It Real… Getting It Right!

2014 Restaurant Conference
Roger Torneden

Welcome to Our 2015 Conference!

UCLA Extension is proud to present our 19th Annual Restaurant Industry Conference in collaboration with world-leaders in brand development, food service, design innovation, operational excellence, market analysis and customer satisfaction. This year we honor Kevin Reddy as the strategist and leader in building the Noodles & Co. national brand and presence as well as many leaders from an even more effective Starbuck’s as well as private equity funders which make new concepts come to life. UCLA Extension serves approximately 50,000 students annually through Westwood and Downtown Los Angeles campuses plus on-line courses serving U.S. and international students on a world-wide basis. In the Business, Management & Legal Programs Department we focus certificate programs and courses across industries (i.e., web analytics and social media marketing, small business management, credit analysis, finance, accounting, etc.) and on specific industries (i.e. Hospitality, Financial Services, Consulting, Security, Real Estate, etc.). This conference is emblematic of Extension’s focus on the development of both practical and strategic skills with a 2,000+ instructor team who are top practitioners in their professions. We thank you for joining us this year and look forward to seeing you again in future years! We also look forward to you and your employees taking advantage of some of our 5,000 professional development and continuing education courses we offer each year.