Credit Analysis & Management Curriculum


Required Units Typical Availability
MGMNT X 430.611 Credit: Commercial, Personal and Global 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT X 430.612 Conducting a Credit Analysis I 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT X 430.613 Conducting a Credit Analysis II 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT X 430.614 Writing and Presenting a Credit Analysis 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
LAW X 420 Business Law: Fundamentals 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT 891.02 Business Ethics  SU  FA  WI  SP
Electives (1 course from the following list) Units Typical Availability
MGMNT X 430.616 Managing a Loan Portfolio 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT X 430.617 Credit Management for Building a Medium Sized Business 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT X 430.618 Negotiating Loan Agreements 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT X 430.619 Bankruptcy, Workouts and Reorganizations 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT X 430.620 Internship in Credit Analysis and Management 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT X 430.132 Business Valuation 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT X 475.4 Real Estate Finance 5.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT X 430.61 Fundamentals of Personal Finance 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT X 460.923 International Finance 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP
MGMNT X 423.4 International Accounting 4.00  SU  FA  WI  SP


  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Spring

Estimated Cost

Candidacy Fee: $200.00

Estimated Program Tuition: $3,875.00

Estimated Textbook Fees: $1,000.00

Estimated Total Cost: $5,075.00


Contact: Yvette de la Cruz, (310) 206-1654 or 

Open Enrollment or Apply for Admission?: Open
VA Approved?: Yes
Meets I-20/ F1 Visa requirements: No
Estimated Duration (Half-Time pace): 20 quarters
Internships Available: No

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