Congratulations to Tim Farrell, recipient of our 2015 Distinguished Instructor Award!

Every year UCLA Extension honors a select group of instructors who have gone beyond the already high expectations we set for our team of talented educators. This year we were pleased to honor Tim Farrell, an instructor in our Human Resources Management program for over seven years. In addition to being an exemplary instructor, Tim is a great advocate of the Human Resources Management certificate program, and firmly believes that the education students receive is invaluable as they grow their careers. He would know – as a former UCLA Extension student himself, he has certainly brought a unique perspective to the classroom, being able to draw on both his experiences as a past student and as a working professional in the Human Resources field. Tim says one of his favorite things about teaching is the interaction with his students, and watching them succeed in getting jobs and applying their knowledge in the industry. “I always encourage my students to complete the full certificate program,” Tim says. “Network while you are in class, and understand that your fellow students are also potential future colleagues. You never know who might be sitting next to you, and your performance in group projects will create a lasting impression with people who may be in a position to offer you a job.” Tim’s passion and enthusiasm for teaching and inspiring students is evident; students have been known to enroll in a class he is teaching even if they aren’t required to take it to complete their studies. “I’m taking it because Tim is teaching it,” one student recently told us. Tim doesn’t self-aggrandize, and remains humble among his impressive professional achievements, but in talking to us did admit that he is thrilled to be honored with the Distinguished Instructor Award and added “It’s a terrific way to feel I have somehow impacted students in a positive way.”

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