Financial Literacy Courses & Seminars


Financial Literacy courses

Designed for individuals of all ages, UCLA Extension’s personal finance curriculum provides a clearer pathway for better organizing your financial life. Learn from instructors who are financial professionals with extensive hands-on experience while also sharing ideas with peers who are facing similar challenges for managing their finances.

Choose from a wide selection of personal finance courses that can help build a solid foundation in your financial literacy. You may complete your course work at a variety of locations and formats, including convenient 1-day seminars as well as instructor-led online classes.  

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Fundamentals of Personal Finance
X430.61    Management     4.0 Units
This is the one course that everyone wishes they had taken back in college.  Intended for individuals of any age and financial background, this 12-week course provides the fundamentals and underlying principles of personal finance.  

Personal Finance Series
This sequence of three 1-day seminars surveys the key facets for organizing your personal finances and maximizing long-term financial health. Enroll in all three seminars and save!

Money Skills for Teens – Offered in Summer
833.827 Management 1.0 CEU

Given the significant spending power of today’s teenagers and their potential future earning power, it is imperative for them to develop strong money management skills early in life. This interactive workshop provides the processes for how and why money is used, and the guidelines for starting a sound financial plan.

Wealth That Lasts
833.641   Management        1.8 CEU
This course is designed exclusively for affluent individuals and families who want to learn how to better manage their wealth in a proactive, comprehensive, and objective manner. Learn More

Generational Wealth Management
833.762   Management        1.2 CEU

Designed for affluent individuals and families that face unique challenges and opportunities in light of an ever-changing investment and regulatory landscape. 

Money Skills 101
833.812   Management         1.5 CEU
This course is for both those who have begun to invest on their own and those who seek advice and want to build confidence in approaching financial planning professionals and/or product providers. 

Social Security Secrets: How to Maximize Your Benefits 
833.831   Management         0.25 CEU
This informative and easy to understand seminar explores the Social Security system and provides valuable tips on how to maximize your benefit.


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