International Trade & Commerce Curriculum


Group A: Core Courses

 X 460.902  Introduction to International Business *
 X 460.903  Fundamentals of International Trade *
 X 460.961  Global Business Skills: Planning and Negotiating Strategies *
 X 460.99  International Business Management *

Capstone Course

 X 460.95  International Business Policies and Strategies

Ethics Requirement

 891.02  Business Ethics *

Group B: Electives (Four Required) 

Global Business Management


 X 163  Advertising Principles and Practices *
 X 190  Management, Theory, Policy, and Process
 X 450.65  International Human Resources Management *
 X 460.483  Global Marketing and Strategy
 X 460.94  Law in International Business
 X 460.952  Doing Business in the U.S.
 X 460.987  Doing Business in Latin America *
 X 460.989  Doing Business in China
 X 481.5 Global Business Practices in Sustainability

Import/Export Operations

 X 460.91  Export Documentation, Traffic, and Banking
 X 460.912  Global Supply Chain Management
 X 460.913  Import Operations and Techniques
 X 460.94  Law in International Business
 X 460.952  Doing Business in the U.S.
 X 460.987 Doing Business in Latin America
 X 460.989  Doing Business in China
 X 497.615  Establishing a Successful Business

International Financial Management

 X 130A  Basic Managerial Finance *
 X 423.4  International Accounting *
 X 427.121  International Taxation *
 X 430.135  Money, Banking and the Financial Markets
 X 460.923  International Finance
 X 460.988  Global Currency Management
X 460.987 Doing Business in Latin America
X 460.989 Doing Business in China

No Concentration

Students without a concentration may fulfill their elective requirements by selecting any four Group B courses, including the following:

 X 460.951  Internship in International Trade and Commerce
   (Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of five courses in the program)
* May be taken online.



Click the below links to review program costs and to enroll in your chosen certificate program. 

International Trade and Commerce Certificate – No Concentration

International Trade and Commerce Certificate – Global Business Management

International Trade and Commerce Certificate – Import/Export Operations

International Trade and Commerce Certificate – Financial Management


Students must:

  • Submit an Application for Candidacy with a non-refundable application fee of $175. 
  • Complete all five core courses and four electives for a total of 36 units. Those selecting a concentration must choose the four required electives from their concentration. 
  • Receive a grade of “C” or better in all of the required courses. 
  • Attend the one-day seminar, Business Ethics, at any time during the program. 
  • Complete the certificate curriculum within five years. 


Before enrolling in the capstone course (X 460.95 International Business Policies and Strategies), one must complete six courses in the program, including the other core courses. 

Transfer of Courses

A maximum of two courses may be transferred into the International Trade and Commerce Certificate. Courses transferred must have been completed within the last five years from an accredited institution in the United States. The Certificate Programs Advisor will work with you to answer your specific questions.

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