Saturday Seminars for Investors


Investor SeriesExpand Your Investment Horizon!

Learn how to better manage your portfolio and develop new investment strategies with these convenient 1-day seminars. Designed for individual investors, the Saturday Seminars for Investors survey various facets of investment strategies for creating and maximizing long-term wealth and financial health.

Offered each quarter, the series consists of three one-day seminars that cover a wide range of investment topics.   

Key Features and Benefits

  • Instructor-led seminars that are conveniently offered on Saturdays in a relaxed, workshop format.
  • Interactive lectures that are presented by experienced instructors who are financial professionals with extensive investment experience.
  • Choose from a wide variety of investment seminars, covering topics such as stock options, technical analysis, alternative investments, and behavioral finance.      
Special Discount!

UCLA Extension Certificate Students and Graduates can enroll at a discount rate of $55 for each seminar. Contact Sam Gomez at (310) 825-4938 for more information.

Schedule of Upcoming Seminars

Click on the respective course titles below to view full course descriptions and to enroll.   

Spring ’17 Flyer

Practical Investing  May 13
Learn about your investments and how to construct a more effective portfolio in this one-day seminar. Participants are provided with an overview of key investment fundamentals and then learn how to apply these principles. Topics include risk/reward profiles, portfolio construction using multiple asset classes, tax strategies (mutual funds vs. ETFs, tax advantaged accounts), basic statistical measurements, and using macro-economic analysis for investment decision making. Socially responsible investing, ethics, and the role of the financial advisor also are covered. Students leave the class with a better understanding of how to apply practical investment concepts to achieve long-term financial goals.

Behavioral Finance: How Emotions Impact Your Investment Decisions May 20
Learn how to improve your spending, saving, and investing decisions for the future by making better financial choices. In this one-day workshop, participants are introduced to how people actually make financial decisions by identifying the common biases that most often lead to investing mistakes. Participants are introduced to the theory and practice of behavioral finance, including a history of financial bubbles, scams, and an overview of the heuristics (“rules of thumb”) and biases that drive human behavior. Takeaways include a general understanding of common investment mistakes, the role of randomness in finance, and practical applications of behavioral finance.

Understanding and Managing Stock Option Strategies – June 10
Whether your personal investment style is conservative or aggressive, long-term or short-term, this one-day seminar shows how options can add value to your current investment strategies. Intended for investors who want to add options as part of their overall investment mix or for those who already utilize options and want to expand their usage, this seminar explores the basics of options and some of the common misconceptions regarding their use. Students learn about the different types and classes of options that are available, how they are traded and tracked, and how they can be used to enhance cash flow and investment performance. Participants also learn about the unique attributes of options and why investors have to think differently when investing in options whether as a stand-alone investment or in conjunction with existing stock positions.


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