Keeping Up!

To many, despite government reports of economic growth, the economy and job prospects doesn’t “feel” like growth. In Los Angeles, we have fewer full time employed than 20-some years ago. chartThe above visual may shed some light on why we may be less optimistic than government reports and politician assurances. Families have lost substantial buying power over the past decade while job creation remains insufficient by most any measure. According to UCLA’s Anderson School many jobs lost won’t be recovered due importantly to productivity increases brought about by the semi-conductor and automation. Your iPhone and/or iPad gives you, as an employee or business owner, the ability to control your job, communication and needed reporting via software instead of support employees. New manufacturing facilities and fabrication plants are composed more of robotic assembly lines than humans. One implication is that pretty much everyone seeking a job or running a business would benefit from frequent professional development and continuing education (i.e. ARGUS for real estate professionals, modern web marketing/awareness generation, project planning/management, etc.). What are your thoughts on the economic issues, future jobs, education re-tooling and/or your personal challenges in these or related areas?


Roger L. Torneden, Ph.D., CFP®, CPCU
Department Director, UCLA Extension
Department of Business, Management and Legal Programs

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