Legal Secretary Curriculum


Practical skills training and substantive legal topics include the following:

  • Law Office Environment and Procedures
  • Court Structure and the Legal System
  • Business English, Law Office Vocabulary, and Legal Terminology
  • Litigation Documents-Pleadings, Motions, Discovery, Summons, Verifications, Proofs of Service, Judicial Council Forms, Subpoenas, and Correspondence
  • Court Filings and the Fast Track System
  • Organizing Client Information
  • Basic Civil Litigation
  • Document Preparation in Family Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate, and Bankruptcy
  • Federal and State Court Systems
  • Understanding Jurisdiction, Venue, and Statutes of Limitations
  • Structure and Organization of the Law Library
  • Calendaring, Billing Procedures, Mail Procedures, and Tickler Systems
  • Accessing Information from Legal Publications, Directories, and Statutes
  • Attorney/Client Agreements, Trust, and General Bank Accounts
  • Settlement and Arbitration Procedures

Required Course Materials
Course materials can be found on the online enrollment form.

CEU Noncredit Program
Law 808.62 5 CEU
Fee: $995

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