Marketing Curriculum


Group A: Core Courses 
Courses are four units unless otherwise specified. 

 X 160  Marketing Principles and Practices *
 X 460  Ethics in Marketing and Advertising (2 units)
 X 460.41  Brand Management *
 X 460.52  Integrated Marketing Communications *
 X 461A  Writing for Marketing and Advertising (2 units)
 X 466  Consumer Market Research *

Capstone Course

 X 460.35  Strategic Marketing *

Group B: Electives
A total of 12 Units are required for this concentration. Courses are four units unless otherwise specified.

Concentration in Social Media and Web Analytics

X 408 Building an Online Audience
 X 425 Best Practices in Social Media for the Communications Professional(2 units)
 X 460.394 New Media Marketing *
 X 460.398A Social Media Marketing
 X 463.01 Advertising in the Digital Age (Hybrid)
 X 466.05 Digital Marketing Mastery
 X 469.26 Digital Communications Strategies
 X 470.10 Digital Analytics *
 X 471.10  Marketing with Google AdWords *
 X 478.5 Crisis Management and Communications: Safeguarding Image and Viability (2 units)
 X 481.99AF Using Experience I: Survey * +

General Electives

 X 163 Advertising Principles and Practices *
 X 460.16 Principles of Professional Selling
 X 460.394 New Media Marketing *
 X 460.398A Social Media Marketing
 X 460.43 Extreme Marketing
 X 460.483 Global Marketing and Strategy
 X 460.484 Internship in Marketing and Advertising
 X 460.494 New Business Development and Pitching the Perfect Presentation
 X 460.86 Customer Relationship Management
 X 462A Advanced Writing for Marketing: Professional Copywriting and Content Strategy
 X 463.01 Advertising in the Digital Age
X 463.13 Media Sales in a “Cross-Platform” World”
 X 463.4 Media Planning and Analysis
X 463.6 Developing an Advertising Campaign
 X 466.05 Digital Marketing Mastery
 X 469.15 Crisis Management and Communications (2 units)
 X 470.10 Digital Analytics (Hybrid)
  X 470.20 Predictive Analytics for Marketing
 X 471.10 Marketing with Google AdWords *
 X 476.99 Marketing Entertainment: Strategies for the Global Marketplace
X 480.5 Green Marketing Strategies *
 X 497.612 Marketing and Sales Strategies for Entrepreneurial Business

* May be taken online.

+ For information about this course, visit or contact UCLA Extension’s Design Communication Arts at (310) 206-1422;


For more information regarding courses, call Zalina Walton at (310)825-4192 or certificate program information or counseling, call (310)206-1654 or e-mail us.




Click the below link to review program costs and to enroll in the certificate program.Marketing Certificate


Students must: 

  • Submit an Application for Candidacy with a non-refundable application fee of $200.
  • Complete all seven core courses and 12 units of elective courses for a total of 36 units.
  • All courses to be applied toward this certificate must be taken for a letter grade. Students must complete and pass the curricular requirements of the program and earn an overall 2.5 GPA or better to achieve certificate award.
  • Complete the certificate curriculum within five years.


Before enrolling in the capstone course (X 460.35 Strategic Marketing), one must complete all of the other core courses and at least one elective or two years of professional experience.

Transfer of Courses

A maximum of two courses may be transferred into the Marketing Certificate. Courses transferred must have been completed within the last five years from an accredited institution in the United States. The Certificate Programs Advisor will work with you to answer your specific questions.

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