Student Testimonial

“MGMNT X 430.611 (Credit: Commercial, Personal, and Global, online) is one of the best classes I’ve taken to date at UCLA Extension, as it met my expectations and furthered my interest in the credit analysis certificate program.  I recently started a new job related to finance and credit, so I was looking for a course that presented a right mix of money basics, credit analysis concepts, and introductory financial statement analysis. This was exactly it, and I think the instructor also did a great job in other aspects, like (1) keeping the weekly discussion posts applicable to real life by making us focus on current events, (2) keeping the quizzes and tests focused on the core material that I’ll remember long after this class ended, and (3) explaining in detail some of the more technical homework assignments related to formulas and equations.  Even though I had a chance to withdraw from the course before it started (because I switched jobs, it was no longer employer-subsidized), I’m glad I didn’t, because it was hard work well spent on a worthwhile class.”

Jan-Mitchell Zerrudo

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