Student Testimonial

Tim Farrell, JD, SPHR, SPHR-CA made a major contribution to my recent success in passing the SPHR exam on my first attempt. He is an outstanding teacher.  I took his Elements of Human Resources Management course my first quarter, the PHR/SPHR Prep course in the Fall, and now (Winter quarter) I am in his Human Resources Development course. Know that Tim covers a tremendous amount of information in all his classes. And as a student, I’m here to learn as much as possible.  I also want to be taught in a manner that allows me to apply my knowledge when I leave the classroom.  Tim does both, by creating a solid learning environment through his content, his delivery and teaching style, which are outstanding. Teaching his students like the adult professionals they are, he gives them tremendous respect while recognizing that each student comes to class with a unique background. Tim helps students feel comfortable, capable, and builds their confidence. Providing great explanations, he makes concepts and definitions applicable and relevant.  Always making time for students to ask questions, Tim is very willing to meet individually with students when requested.  He takes calls during his busy work hours, in the evenings, and on weekends. He promptly returns calls and texts. You know he cares about you and your future. Tim also has a tremendous sense of humor! I am proud, privileged, and honored to say that I was a student of Mr. Tim Farrell.

Jag Soni, Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, PCC
Human Resource & Capital Management
Organization Effectiveness 

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