Advertising Courses


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MGMNT X 160  Marketing Principles and Practices  
This course surveys marketing methods, practices, and institutions from the perspectives of manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. Students examine marketing concepts, functions, operations, and organizations of retail and wholesale enterprises; distribution channels; market research; advertising; marketing costs; pricing; cooperative marketing; marketing legislation and regulations; and trends.

MGMNT X 460  Ethics in Marketing and Advertising

This course introduces the student to the role of ethics in marketing in the U.S. and global economy.  Students examine concepts, behaviors, practices, and challenges relevant to the process of planning and implementing the marketing practice and creating value via ethical processes, systems, and strategies. 

MGMNT X 460.41  Brand Management  
In this comprehensive course, participants learn how brand identity must be nurtured and managed to positively affect a company’s performance and future, as well as understand the power and importance of a brand from its creation through execution. This course presents students with an overview of brand development; brand research; and brand management structures for sales, marketing, advertising, and promotional purposes. 

MGMNT X 460.52  Integrated Marketing Communications  
This course focuses on the latest marketing communication practices, known as integrated marketing communications (IMC), featuring an overview of the major media, including broadcast, print, outdoor, point of purchase, direct mail, Internet, telemarketing, public relations, and promotion. 

MGMNT X 461A Writing for Marketing and Advertising
This course aims to build the essential skills to write clear, concise, and compelling messages for all media. Over six weeks, students study and practice writing proposals, direct mail pieces, brochure copy, sales letters, business plans, and create materials for digital delivery via the web. Highly interactive and participatory, the course features weekly assignments that stretch participants’ creativity and provide practice in headline writing, as well as refine presentation skills in marketing communication. 

MGMNT X 466  Consumer Market Research
Providing a comprehensive and practical approach to conducting relevant, useful marketing and advertising research, this course examines consumer behavior and how it can influence marketing and advertising decision making as well as methodologies in order to gather primary and secondary research data, analyze and interpret that data, and make recommendations based on research activities.

MGMNT X 460.35  Strategic Marketing
Gain real-world experience working on a project for a major online search engine and e-marketer. In this capstone course, students apply skills learned in a project-based curriculum. Working in a team structure that simulates a real-life marketing department or consultancy, participants apply marketing and advertising principles, conduct market research, and address issues of brand identity and target marketing to develop and create a strategic marketing solution to a specific and current challenge. 

MGMNT X 460.483  Global Marketing and Strategy  
This course lays the foundation to gaining competitive advantage in the global marketplace by providing a hands-on understanding of the competitive implications affecting global marketing strategies, as well as covers the factors that govern the decision to enter export marketing and analyzes planning, organizing, and managing an international business marketing strategy. 

MGMNT X 480.5  Green Marketing Strategies  
Environmental issues are playing a larger role in various areas of business strategy, including operations, balance sheet management, legal compliance, and marketing. Instruction discusses the relevance of this developing area and reviews theories on the design and implementation of business strategies that incorporate the principles of sustainability. 

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