Business Administration Curriculum


Phase 1: Preparatory Courses (Four Courses Required)

X 100 Business Economics *
X 420 Business Law *
X 110 Mathematics for Management *
X 115 Business Statistics *

Phase 2: Business Functions (Six Courses Required)

X 1A Principles of Accounting *
X 1B Principles of Accounting *
X 130A Basic Managerial Finance *
X 160 Marketing Principles and Practice *
X 497.613 Fundamentals of Business Administration and Management *
X 460.902 Introduction to International Business *

Phase 3: Management Functions (Two Courses Required)

X 190 Management Theory, Policy, and Process
X 450 Elements of Human Resources Management *
X 490.996 Leadership Communication Strategies
X 482.7 The Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication

Phase 4: Capstone Course (Must be taken after completion of all other required courses)

X 497.610 Developing a Business Plan

Phase 5: Fields of Concentration (For each concentration, complete at least 12 units of coursework from the respective field.)

Accounting *
Finance *
Human Resources Management *
International Trade and Commerce *
Marketing *
Personal Financial Planning *
Real Estate *
Taxation *

Ethics Requirement (Choose one)

X 423.422 Ethics in Accounting *
X 460 Ethics in Marketing and Advertising *
833.379 Ethics in Personal Financial Planning
859.50 Ethics for Human Resources Professionals *
891.02 Business Ethics *

* = course may be taken online

General Information
Approximate Cost of the Program
Students pay the fee for each course as they progress through the certificate. The total course and textbook fees vary according to which courses and format are chosen. The following include range of costs.

  • Candidacy Fee: $200 (Non-refundable)
  • Course Fees: $12,450
  • Textbooks: $1,755-$1,950

All international student fees, living expenses, transportation, and parking are in addition to the above.
Note: International students must submit an application to UCLA Extension’s International Student Office. For more information visit

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