Business Analysis Curriculum


Required Units Typical Availability
MGMNT X 430.711 Business Analysis Fundamentals 4.00  X  X  X  X
MGMNT X 430.712 Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring Essentials 4.00  X    X  
MGMNT X 430.713 Requirements Elicitation and Analysis 4.00  X    X  
MGMNT X 430.714 Requirements Management & Communications 4.00    X    X
MGMNT X 430.715 Solution Assessment, Validation and Implementation 4.00    X    X
Electives (1 course from the following list) Units Typical Availability
MGMNT X 430.716 Data Analysis and Business Modeling with Microsoft® Excel® 2013 4.00  X    X  
MGMNT X 443.1 Fundamentals of Project Management 4.00  X  X  X  X
MGMNT X 430.13 Finance for the Non-Financial Manager 4.00  X      X
MGMNT X 414.61 Using Structured Query Language (SQL) Syntax 4.00  X  X  X  X
MGMNT X 109 Business Communications 4.00  X  X  X  X
MGMNT X 482.202 Organizational Communication 4.00  X    X  
CMPSCI X 450.1 Introduction to Data Science 4.00    X    X
MGMNT X 450.2 Talent Acquisition 4.00 X    X  
Workshop Requirement (1 course from the following list) Units Typical Availability
SPEECH 806.4 Delivering Effective Presentations  X  X  X  X

Estimated Cost

Candidacy Fee$200.00

Estimated Program Tuition$4,300.00

Estimated Program Textbook/Materials$800.00

Estimated Total Cost$5,300.00

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