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Keeping Up!

To many, despite government reports of economic growth, the economy and job prospects doesn’t “feel” like growth. In Los Angeles, we have fewer full time employed than 20-some years ago. The above visual may shed some light on why we may be less optimistic than government reports and politician assurances. Families have lost substantial buying […]

Teaching Financial Literacy Skills to Teens

On July 17th a number of UCLA Extension’s youngest students completed our Money Skills for Teens course, a newly launched 2-week, daytime workshop offered on the UCLA campus. Taught by UCLA Extension’s long-time instructor Steven Gail, the class was designed to specifically help teens develop strong money management skills. Combining Mr. Gail’s contagious enthusiasm for […]

Student Highlight

The following article was written by UCLA Extension’s Advanced Writing for Marketing student Aldo Palma-Saracho  American Doctor, Worldly Healer Illinois doctor Anthony Rinella leads international initiative to save children with life-threatening illnesses The Hippocratic Oath, held sacred by doctors to this day, begins with a simple premise — treat the sick to the best of one’s ability. […]

The Importance of “Sales Professionals”

Everyone experiences multiple sales events every day via email, phone, TV, and direct mail in addition to billboards, placards, in-store signs, etc. Many students enter a sales related position, either by choice or circumstance, after completing their formal education. Have you noticed that many colleges and universities offer marketing programs but few offer programs focused […]

Are You Maintaining an Ally Portfolio?

As any financial advisor will tell you, a balanced investment portfolio reflects a thoughtful distribution of assets for a minimum of risk and a maximum yield. If you choose your allocation wisely and you maintain it carefully, you will see a return. The same concept is true where referrals are concerned. Your allies are your greatest business development asset, […]


Financially Fit Millennials?

The most recent issue of Kipplinger’s Personal Finance magazine provides a special money guide section for millennials (people born between 1978 and 1994) which seems to be very much needed and timely. Based on a Wells Fargo survey of young adults, and as reported by Janet Bodnar, Editor of Kipplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, “more than […]