Credit Analysis & Management Certificate


Credit Analysis Certificate

In a world where lending institutions worldwide tighten the reins on how and to whom they will lend money, credit quality often determines if a business can grow, a family buy a home or a nation sell its debt. With courses and certificates in credit analysis and management, you’ll be poised for a future at the forefront of this growing field. Learn the role of the credit ratings and scores and how these are determined, how an entity or individual can improve their credit score; and how to employ credit ratings and scores in evaluating businesses.

The Credit Analysis and Management Certificate is designed to provide a working knowledge of the fundamentals of modern credit analysis for today’s business owners and managers as well as implications for better consumer credit management. Candidates will learn today’s credit “best practices” and analysis in practical, application-based courses that give instruction of how to understand and adopt current evaluation tools, write comprehensive credit analysis reports, manage a loan or loan portfolio, manage work-outs and business bankruptcies, and understand trade financing transactions and project financing. 

Completion may be planned in 12 months, depending on the individual student’s prior education and skill set.

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