Enterprise Risk Management Curriculum

This 7-course professional certificate provides a comprehensive curriculum covering both the theory and practical application of enterprise risk management. All courses must be completed within a 5-year period for a total of 28 units.

5 Required Courses

X 408.809 Foundations of Enterprise Risk Management 4 units 

X 408.810 Designing and Implementing an Enterprise Risk Management Program 4 units 

X 408.811 Enterprise Risk Management: Toolkit 4 units

X 408.813 Enterprise Risk Management: Advanced Techniques 4 units

X 408.803 Human, Legal-Compliance, and Ethical Issues of Emergency & Risk Management

2 Elective Course

X 408.812 Cyber Security and Privacy for ERM Professionals 4 units

X 408.814 Internship in Enterprise Risk Management 4 units

X 408.815 Crisis Management and Communications in Enterprise Risk Management 4 units 

X 408.816 Local Government Risk Management:  Cities, Counties, School Districts, and Special Districts 4 units 

X 408.817 Risk Transfer: Insurance Requirements, Contractual Risk Transfer and Indemnification  4 units

X 443.2 Risk Analysis and Project Management 4 units

X 408.801 Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security 4 units

X 477.90 Real Estate Risk Management 4 units

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