Executive Assistance Curriculum


Required Units Typical Availability
COMCTN X 482.7 The Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication 4.00  X    X  X
MGMNT X 109 Business Communications 4.00  X X  X  X
MGMNT X 430.811 Business Fundamentals for the Executive Assistant      4.00    X    X
MGMNT X 430.812 Organizational Management 4.00  X    X  
MGMNT X 430.813 Microsoft Office Advanced 4.00    X    X
Electives (4.00 units from the following list) Units Typical Availability
MGMNT X 430.814 Salesforce CRM Essentials 4.00  X    X  
MGMNT X 443.1 Fundamentals of Project Management 4.00  X  X  X  X
ENGLSH X 401.6 Intensive Grammar and Punctuation Review 4.00  X  X  X  X
SPEECH X 417.1 Public Speaking for Professionals 3.30  X    X  
MGMNT X 490.996 Leadership Communication Strategies 4.00  X  X  X  X
MGMNT X 482.202 Organizational Communication 4.00  X    X  
ENGLSH X 418I Business Writing 4.00  X  X  X  X
Ethics Requirement
MGMNT 891.02 Business Ethics 0.6  X  X  X  X

Estimated Cost

Candidacy Fee$75.00

Estimated Program Tuition$4,300.00

Estimated Program Textbook/Materials$800.00

Estimated Total Cost$5,200.00

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