Finance Certificate

This 9-course certificate program provides a comprehensive curriculum covering core aspects of financial theory and practice. The certificate is designed to meet the market demand for qualified financial professionals and the desire by individuals to increase their knowledge in finance and investments. The program also provides foundation coursework for students considering the CFA®, CMA®, and FP&A certifications.

Students must successfully complete five core courses and four electives for a total of 36 units. A one-day Business Ethics seminar must also be completed at any time during the program. Students may enroll in the certificate with or without a concentration, including concentrations in Corporate Finance, Investment Management & Analysis, Real Estate Finance, or Credit Analysis & Management. The required curriculum can be completed within two years. 

All candidates completing this program are awarded a certificate that bears the gold seal of the University of California and is signed by the Dean of UCLA Extension. 

Certificate Curriculum

Click on the respective course title(s) to determine course availability and to enroll.

Core Courses (All Five Required)

X 130A Basic Managerial Finance
X 433.01 Fundamentals of Investing
X 432.3 Financial Statement Analysis
X 430.135 Money, Banking, and the Financial Markets
X 130B Advanced Managerial Finance

Ethics Requirement  

833.380 Ethics in Finance

Elective Courses (Four Required)

Certificate with No Concentration  Enroll
To enroll with No Concentration, students must complete any four courses from the below listings.

Corporate Finance Concentration  Enroll

X 422 Management Accounting
X 430.131 Mergers and Acquisitions
X 430.132 Business Valuation
X 430.134 Financial Risk Management
X 430.15 Fundamentals of Corporate Budgeting
X 460.923 International Finance
X 460.988 Global Currency Management

 Investment Management & Analysis Concentration  Enroll

X 430.137 Behavioral Finance
X 433.02 Security Analysis
X 433.03 Advanced Security Analysis and Hedge Fund Principles
X 430.326 The Science and Art of Investing
X 433.032 Alternative Investment Strategies
X 433.033 Managing and Understanding Stock Option Strategies
X 460.983 International Investing

 Real Estate Finance Concentration  Enroll

X 475.4 Real Estate Finance
X 476.01 Advanced Real Estate Finance
X 427.122 Taxation of Property Transactions 
X 477.9 Real Estate Investment Analysis
X 477.95 Using ARGUS and Other Spreadsheet Programs for Commercial Real Estate Analysis 

 Credit Analysis & Management Concentration  Enroll

X 430.611 Credit: Commercial, Personal, and Global
X 430.612 Conducting a Credit Analysis I
X 430.613 Conducting a Credit Analysis II
X 430.614 Writing & Presenting a Credit Analysis
X 430.616 Managing a Loan Portfolio

 Internship (May be used as one of the electives) 

X 430.136 Internship in Finance
Certificate Booklet

Program Requirements

Students are recommended to enroll in the certificate after completing their first two courses in the program at which time students must: 

  • Submit an Application for Candidacy with a non-refundable application fee of $200.
  • Complete all five core courses and four electives for a total of 36 units. Those selecting a concentration must choose the four required electives from within their respective concentration.
  • Receive a minimum 2.5 GPA or better for courses completed in the certificate
  • Attend 833.380 Ethics in Finance at any time during the program
  • Complete the required core and elective courses within a five year time period.

Recommended Prerequisites 

Students are advised to complete X 1A Principles of Accounting and X 1B Principles of Accounting (or equivalent) prior to enrolling in the certificate since these two courses are prerequisites for a number of courses in the curriculum. In addition to X 1A and X 1B Principles of Accounting, it is also highly recommended that students complete X 100 Business Economics and X 410.21 Math for Finance (or equivalent) to ensure adequate knowledge required for the core foundation courses.

Transfer of courses

A maximum of two courses can be transferred into the certificate program.  Courses must be equivalent in course content and unit value to be eligible and must have been taken within the last five years.  If courses were taken beyond this time period, students may be allowed to take alternative courses in consultation with the Certificate Programs Advisor.  

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