General Business Studies Curriculum


Program Requirements

Students must complete 36 course units within the academic discipline of Management (courses are numbered X 1-199 or X 400-499), plus one ethics course at any given time during the program.
Students pursuing a concentration must take a minimum of 16 units of course work in their chosen field to satisfy the concentration requirement.
Persons having satisfied the requirements for another UCLA Extension certificate program will only be allowed to transfer a maximum of four courses from that program to the General Business Studies Certificate. Courses taken from other universities or institutions are not transferable.

Program Enrollment

Students may obtain the General Business Studies Certificate with no concentration or with a concentration in a specific subject area. For this option, at least 16 units must be taken in the field of concentration. Concentrations are currently available in:

Accounting *
Advertising *
Emergency Management & Homeland Security 
Human Resources Management *
International Trade and Commerce
Marketing *
Personal Financial Planning *
Real Estate *
Taxation *

Students may also complete this certificate without a concentration.

* = students may complete this certificate with or without a concentration online

Ethics Requirement (Choose one)

X 423.422 Ethics in Accounting *
X 460 Ethics in Marketing and Advertising *
833.379 Ethics in Personal Financial Planning
859.50 Ethics for Human Resources Professionals *
891.02 Business Ethics

* = course may be taken online

General Information
Approximate Cost of the Program

Students pay the fee for each course as they progress through the certificate. The total course and textbook fees vary according to which courses and format are chosen. The following include range of costs.

  • Candidacy Fee: $200 (Non-refundable)
  • Course Fees: $7,200
  • Textbooks: $900-$1,050

All international student fees, living expenses, transportation, and parking are in addition to the above.
Note: International students must submit an application to UCLA Extension’s International Student Office. For more information visit

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