International Trade and Commerce Internship

The internship course provides eligible students an opportunity to earn elective credit toward the certificate program based on an internship position- comprised of at least 120 hours of practical application of course material- that the student has secured and had approved by UCLA Extension. UCLA Extension does not provide internship placement. Eligible students will have access to a list of firms with internship opportunities. Course is only available to certificate students who have completed a substantial portion (20 units) of the program curriculum with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

The internship is a practical application of material studied previously in various classes in the International Trade and Commerce Certificate program. Projects and assignments include, but are not limited to:

  • Import and export operations
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Business strategy and management
  • Law


  • UCLA Extension students who are enrolled in the International Trade and Commerce Certificate and who have completed a minimum of 20 units in their program.

International students must contact the International Student Office at (310) 825-9351 to confirm eligibility for a paid internship.

Securing an Internship
UCLA Extension does not provide placement or guarantee internship availability. Students are responsible for securing a sponsor before enrolling in the internship course. The application deadline is one week before the start of the quarter.

Note: For UCLA Extension Certificate students, if assistance is required to secure an internship, please email

Application and Enrollment Process
The internship is a restricted course and students must contact the certificate advisor and follow the below process before receiving permission to enroll.

Step 1 Students must complete and submit the Internship Student Application, and include a cover letter with resume.

Step 2 After the student application is approved, students will be responsible for securing their own internship. Sponsoring companies will need to submit an Internship Sponsor Application.

Note: Please submit all required documents to your Certificate Advisor. You may submit the forms either in person or via email at

Step 3 Once the internship is secured and approved, the official Internship Agreement will be drafted and then signed by the student, employer, and UCLA Extension. An original, signed copy must be returned either in person or by mail. No electronic copies will be accepted.

By mail, please send to:
UCLA Extension
Attn: Industry Segment Programs
10995 Le Conte Ave, Suite 515
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Step 4 Students are then notified by email their official internship approval and granted permission to enroll in the internship class.

Course Fee: $765

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