Internship in Finance


Internship image2The Internship in Finance provides students an opportunity to gain practical experience with leading firms and companies covering a variety of finance and investment-related job functions. The internship is available to UCLA Extension certificate students who have completed a minimum of five courses in the Finance Certificate. 

Students intern with sponsoring companies for a minimum of 120 hours. Companies offering internships do so with no obligation to provide compensation to interns.


Applicable internship projects can include, but are not limited to, the areas of work/projects described below:

  • Budget and Financial Analysis 
  • Investment/Portfolio Management and Security Analysis 
  • Client Communications Support 
  • Assist in Financial Planning Development and Analysis 
  • Investment, Accounting, or Other Financial-related Research 
  • Special Finance-Related Projects 
  • Use of Financial and Investment Analysis Software or Spreadsheet Package


UCLA Extension students who are enrolled in the Finance Certificate and who have completed a minimum of five courses in their program. 

Quarterly Deadlines

Students will be granted permission to enroll once all internship documents have been signed by sponsor, director and associate dean.

Deadlines are:
Spring Quarter 2018 – March 23rd
Summer Quarter 2018 – June 15th
Fall Quarter 2018 – September 14th

Securing an Internship

UCLA Extension does not provide placement or guarantee internship availability. Students are responsible for securing a sponsor before enrolling in the internship. Enrollment is limited to the number of available internships.

For assistance in completing the internship process, please contact your Certificate Advisor, Yvette De La Cruz at (310)206-1654 or for an application and deadlines. 

View Internship FAQ’s

Course Fee: $765


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