Saturday Seminars for Investors


Investor SeriesExpand Your Investment Horizon!

Learn how to better manage your portfolio and develop new investment strategies with these convenient 1-day seminars. Designed for individual investors, the Saturday Seminars for Investors survey various facets of investment strategies for creating and maximizing long-term wealth and financial health.

Offered each quarter, the series consists of three one-day seminars that cover a wide range of investment topics.   

Key Features and Benefits

  • Instructor-led seminars that are conveniently offered on Saturdays in a relaxed, workshop format.
  • Interactive lectures that are presented by experienced instructors who are financial professionals with extensive investment experience.
  • Choose from a wide variety of investment seminars, covering topics such as stock options, technical analysis, alternative investments, and behavioral finance.      
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Schedule of Upcoming Seminars

Click on the respective course titles below to view full course descriptions and to enroll.   

Technical Stock Market and Stock Analysis 
This seminar explores the basics of stock market charting techniques, called technical analysis, including how charts are constructed and the different styles of charts. The seminar reviews the differences between monthly, weekly, daily, and intra-day charts, as well as how to compare volume of trading to price. Students are introduced to the most common technical indicators and oscillators, and explore the long-, intermediate-, and short-term trends of stock market analysis. Topics include the basics of “support and resistance” levels, “momentum buying,” “selling pressures,” “relative strength,” Fibonacci levels, and “regression channels” utilized in pinpointing stock entry and exit points. Also covered are risk/reward ratios, when to place a trade, where to enter dynamic stop-loss orders, and how to access realistic price target entry and exit points. Students leave the class knowing what information to look for and where to get the information needed to successfully trade common stocks. 

Socially Responsible Investing 
Investors increasingly find empowerment by using their investment dollars to impact causes near and dear to their hearts. Whether your concerns are environmental, social or governance related “ESG”, your voice can be heard while maintaining an intelligent investment strategy. Participants in this course will understand how to design, evaluate, and manage a complete portfolio using the most up to date tools to screen for Social Responsibility, Climate Impact, Energy Efficiency, Human Rights, Political Bias & Risk and other ESG filters. Learn to gauge the degree to which your investment portfolio reflects your values. Gain insights to the trade-offs between ethical investing and performance. Upon completion of this course, you will be familiar with resources available to help evaluate, establish, and monitor a portfolio which best reflects your “ESG” values. 

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