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MGMNT X 190  Management Theory, Policy and Process
This course presents the theory and application of managerial functions; the processes of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in a wide variety of organizational settings; and how the management of people and resources can accomplish organizational goals.

MGMNT X 490.996  Leadership Communication Strategies
This course is designed to improve interpersonal behaviors and communication skills for those in leadership roles with the goal of improving relationships, productivity, and the quality of work. Topics include a review of basic communication skills: listening, self-disclosure, and methods of expression; more advanced skills: nonverbal communication, influencing behaviors, addressing hidden agendas, and male/female communication in the workplace; conflict management skills; assertiveness; and responding to criticism.

MGMNT X 491.11  Managing Change in Organizations
This course focuses on planning and managing change and provides frameworks and tools to implement it. Participants examine personal and organizational approaches to dealing with change through case studies and extensive group activity.

MGMNT X 410.53  Fundamentals of Business Administration and Management
This course is designed to teach students how to properly structure, systematize, and manage a business of any size or type, service or product, and in any industry.  In addition to covering business concepts and fundamentals, the course stresses application to real-world situations and problems.

MGMNT X 497.612  Marketing and Sales Strategies for Entrepreneurial Business
This course provides practical ideas and applications of marketing, advertising, and sales promotion techniques for managers, owners, and marketing personnel of small-to-medium-size businesses. Topics include marketing, planning, and budgeting; company positioning; personal selling; public relations and product/service publicity; creating advertising and brochures; organizing and motivating sales representatives and dealer/distribution organizations; market research; and selecting and using the right advertising medium.

MGMNT X 497.52  Entrepreneurship & New Venture Formation
This course surveys the factors essential for turning a “great idea” into a successful business and explores various benefits/costs of sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and franchises. Topics include market surveys, site analysis, permits and licenses, patents and protection of ideas, risk management, legal requirements and regulations, capital requirements and financing sources, determining the costs and prices of goods and services, advertising and marketing, record keeping, and lines of credit and cash flow requirements.

MGMNT X 497.610  Developing a Business Plan
This course focuses on all facets of business plan development, including assessing the competitive environment, developing venture concept and growth strategies, creating marketing approaches, building a cohesive management team, launching operations, and developing financial projections.

MGMNT X 497.59  Creating a New Business
This course teaches the realities of starting and managing a new business, from idea to operation. Employing simulation techniques and a disciplined process for developing a business that includes planning, research, testing of viability, problem solving, decision making, and operation, students work individually and in teams, gaining an understanding and appreciation for cooperation, common goal setting, negotiating, and the execution required of any business organization.

MGMNT X 497.615  Establishing a Successful Business
This course examines the essential elements of creating a successful business by teaching you how to objectively analyze the competitive landscape to innovate and articulate your unique value, and implement a strategy to anticipate the financial rewards. Participants learn how to define a business model and strategy that equips their company to thrive, even in intensely competitive industries.

MGMNT 897.537  Starting and Growing Your Business
This course presents an overview of the risks and rewards of owning a business and examines the realities and responsibilities of being in business for yourself. Topics include the process for writing and activating a business plan, the development of marketing and sales strategies, financial projections, and operational parameters.

MGMNT 897.90  Best Practices in Negotiation
Participants will learn the best techniques for striking better bargains, making lasting agreements, and sustaining positive relationships. They learn to recognize and counter the tactics of their counterparts, while pursuing their agendas and requirements more effectively and smoothly.  Equally important, students learn to become more savvy consumers in critical negotiating scenarios, including buying, selling, and financing cars and housing, as well as other “big ticket” situations.
ENGLSH X 401.6  Intensive Grammar and Punctuation
This tutorial is intended for anyone who writes, edits, prepares final copy, or is interested in the structure and use of the English language. Topics include a thorough review of the parts of speech, basic grammar concepts, word usage, and spelling. Basic punctuation also is covered.

MGMNT X 410.53  Fundamentals of Business Administration and Management
This course is designed to teach students how to properly structure, systematize, and manage a business of any size or type, service or product, and in any industry. In addition to covering business concepts and fundamentals, the course stresses application to real-world situations and problems.

ENGLSH X 418I   Business Writing
This online course introduces basic writing strategies for busy professionals who write critical reports, memos, and letters. Instruction develops skill in eliminating writer’s block, getting to the point, and reducing the need for rewrites. Part of the course is devoted to writing and editing student-generated papers (letters, memos, reports).

MGMNT  802.1  Dealing Tactfully with Difficult People
This practical skills-building seminar demonstrates how to deal constructively with people when their behavior is unpleasant and difficult. Participants learn specific strategies for dealing with such behaviors as verbal attacks and put-downs, complaining, thoughtlessness, manipulation, attention-seeking, excessive talking, withdrawal, rule-breaking, excuses, and feigned helplessness.

MGMNT  802.3  Making Your Message Clear
In a safe environment, participants in this course learn skills that can help them to avoid the pitfalls of defensive listening and self-conscious thinking. They are taught techniques that can help them get to the point, organize their thoughts, and present their products and ideas in a way that persuades and connects them with the listener. Participants leave this interactive workshop with a set of skills they can apply to all aspects of their work lives.

COMCTN 803A  Communication Effectiveness
If you have difficulties following conversations, focusing on hearing underlying messages, directing others in productive conversation or dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of volatile discussions, this course is for you.  Instruction addresses the total communication process–the thoughts, feelings, and skills that are essential for active listening and straight talking. Topics include understanding non-verbal communication in oneself and others, two essential verbal skills in listening–paraphrasing and question-asking, and assertive communication–what it means and how to do it.

SPEECH  806.4  Delivering Effective Presentations
This hands-on workshop helps participants become comfortable, confident, and masterful presenters. Participants practice exercises designed specifically for them, have the opportunity to make brief presentations, receive positive feedback and personal coaching from the instructor, and learn to: focus, prepare, organize, and deliver a presentation, identify the needs of the audience; deal with emotional and mental blocks to delivering presentations; and be more in tune with oneself, the audience, and the material.

MGMNT  859.16  Creating Quality Leadership

Drawing on examples from your life and work experience, research on leadership, and thought-stimulating classroom activities, this course offers key principles and proven strategies guaranteed to give participants the confidence and know-how to successfully practice the art and science of leadership.

MGMNT  859.4  Leading and Motivating Employees
This seminar focuses on “leading” as a means to affect change and accomplish desired results. Participants learn to assess and understand their individual styles and behaviors, then analyze how these attributes can be harnessed in a leadership role. The seminar also examines powerful methods for motivating employees.

MGMNT  859.8  Coaching and Mentoring Employees
Coaching (and mentoring) suggests a supportive/collaborative approach rather than a directing or controlling approach. For many employees, this may be the most effective way to boost performance, harness competitive energy, or defuse problems. This seminar introduces the basic elements of coaching and mentoring, discusses the appropriateness and benefits of each approach, and provides specific application techniques for a variety of personality types and work circumstances.

MGMNT  893  Managing Conflict and Disagreement
This highly interactive seminar provides practice in the basics of using key techniques to resolve conflict in today’s organizations. Participants assess their own conflict management styles and practice effective communication and listening techniques, trust building, and constructive framing of issues to assist in resolution. The instructor demonstrates tools and techniques and assists in group exercises and role-playing.

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