The Legal Exchange is Back!

The Legal Exchange was a newsletter started in the 1980s to communicate legal trends and job openings. Our oldest physical records of the Legal Exchange reach back to 1988. You heard me correctly — 1988. Ronald Reagan was still president. The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Oakland Athletics in the world series. “Faith” by George Michael was Billboard’s #1 song of the year. Over the next 25 years, the Legal Exchange was transformed into an online job board. While jobs were being delivered, the spirit of the Legal Exchange was lost along the way. The Legal Exchange is back, and here to stay. We will be a career and alumni focused blog, that will also keep you updated on the UCLA Extension Paralegal Training Program developments and events. Over the next weeks and months, you will see regular postings, from staff, instructors, graduates, and students.

If you would like to get involved or have blog posting ideas contact me!

Sean Tyler, Program Manager, Graduate Summer 2011 – Downtown

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