Money Skills for Teens


Money Skills for TeensBuild a solid foundation for your teen and help them prepare for long-term financial success and a brighter future!

According to the CalCPA Institute, 49% of teens are ‘eager’ to learn more about money management. Unfortunately, only 14% had taken a class on a financial literacy topic.

Given the significant spending power of today’s teenagers and their future earning potential, it is imperative to develop strong money management skills early in life. This interactive workshop provides the processes for how and why money is used, and the path for starting a sound financial plan.

Instructor-led, Online Supported, Fully Interactive!

Combining instructor-led classroom sessions on the beautiful UCLA campus with online tools and resources, students learn key personal finance concepts and knowledge. The course also provides segments on career building and the key life skills needed for the next generation of workers. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops to class. Internet access is required to access course materials outside of the classroom.

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Topics include:

  • How to identify and prioritize money management goals
  • Developing a budget that can help maximize your money
  • Investment primer and how your money can work for you
  • Understanding credit and the cost/risk of using credit, including college loans
  • How to protect assets once they begin to accumulate

Program Flyer

Fall ’17 Program

After School Program:

Tue & Thu, 4pm – 6pm,
Oct 3 – 19th, 6 mtgs
UCLA Extension: Woodland Hills Center




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