NEW COURSE! Film & 1st Amendment: Cinema, Censorship, and Law!

Interested in learning about the history of the American film industry? Come learn about how free speech and censorship has influenced the entertainment industry! Sign-up today!

From its roots as a nickelodeon attraction to emergence as a multi-million dollar business, the American film industry has an untold history. For over 100 years, laws and court decisions have influenced what movies could be made and what state regulators had the power to censor. Drawing on case studies, lectures, articles, and guest speakers, this course is designed to provide an understanding of legal developments in free speech and regulation as they relate to motion pictures and entertainment media. Analyzing the changing interpretations of the First Amendment, the class will culminate with a discussion of recent trends in the entertainment industry including current cases, international issues, and newsworthy events.

Jeremy Geltzer, JD
Professor Jeremy Geltzer is a practicing attorney, film historian, media production professional, and author who has written in depth on legal issues and motion picture history. His books include Dirty Words & Filthy Pictures: Film and the First Amendment (The University of Texas Press, 2016); Latino Hollywood (The Hollywood Press, 2015); Race Films: 50 Years of Independent African American Cinema (The Hollywood Press, 2014); and many articles, interviews, and movie introductions for Turner Classic Movies and

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