Professional Selling and Sales Management Certificate


Casual business people shaking hands in meeting

The Certificate in Professional Selling and Sales Management is designed for both (1) individuals responsible for selling products and services in the context of building their personal/organization’s brands, value-propositions and long-term customer relationships and (2) individuals not in sales positions who desire improvement in “selling” their ideas, recommendations and plans to internal organization audiences, venture capitalists, and other important collaborative stakeholders. Effective, appropriate, and up-to-date sales practices are stressed throughout this program as falling global trade barriers, quick access to comprehensive product/service data, instantaneous customer feedback/ratings, and extensive competition threaten the survival and growth of virtually all organizations regardless of size or private/public ownership. Even non-profits, government agencies, and schools are not immune to new forms of competition as customers rely more and more on digital information flows, purchasing and relationship building.

The Certificate in Professional Selling and Sales Management courses provide instruction by seasoned sales practitioners; “hands-on” practice and exercises, course materials that include timely technology and relevant resources, instructor feedback personalized to each student, case examples of key learning objectives, role-playing and modern practices to significantly improve present and future sales results. Importantly, this certificate includes content recommended by a world-class Advisory Board that is exceptionally skilled in face-to-face sales, TV info-merical sales, sales team management, best practice sales tools and business owner/manager sales experiences which support revenue growth, customer experience reliability and customer trust/appreciation.

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