Student Testimonial


“I participated in the Personal Financial Planning Certificate from 2009 – 2011. I really liked the pace of the program and that the classes were one night a week over a 12 week period. I had the time that I needed to learn and absorb the information that we were required to read for homework. The program provided a comprehensive education in all the areas of financial planning. This really helped lay the foundation for understanding the components of financial planning.

What I liked most about the live classes was the opportunity to meet others who were venturing down the same path as me. Sharing thoughts and ideas with each other was informative and building life long relationships was an added benefit. The instructors were all professionals in the specific areas that they were teaching and provided real life application. Hearing stories of client situations as they relate to textbook concepts was extremely valuable in the learning process.”

Kim Bright, CFP®
PFP Certificate Graduate



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