Student Testimonial

Mr. Stern is an excellent instructor and true mentor who makes marketing accessible and fun to an audience with little to no experience in this field. Personally I have a solid background in Marketing Management yet I found this class to be intriguing as well. As a teacher, he has gone beyond the curriculum by inviting three amazing firms represented by one or even two guest speakers. These guest lectures are immensely valuable to newcomers in the LA marketing field and I deeply appreciate his dedication to his students. Moving from a new continent with no social or professional network, Mr. Stern managed to make me and my peers feel at home and empower us to make the best of our studies and careers here. Just now I returned from a meeting with one of our class guest speakers who might be able to offer me an internship. I am truly grateful for this opportunity. I wish other students and Mr. Stern all the best, some of which have even become close friends to me.

Misha Kouzeh

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