Student Testimonial

A helpful course to take and relevant to many program areas is Marty Cooper’s Crisis Management & Communications.  If you are in the HRM Certificate program, you really want to take it; I did in Fall 2014.  For HRMers, it is listed as an elective but think about it…the subject matter is certainly important to HR professionals; we, of course, play a key role of communicating and managing crises with our many hats in large and small companies. Marty is rather modest but clearly an expert.  His bio speaks volumes. Having worked directly with Walt Disney and Hugh Heffner, you can only surmise that Marty worked serious crisis management and communications issues. He covers a lot of material and shares get stories; you will walk away surprised by how much you actually learn in a short time. He engages the class as he lectures and through team projects. His amazing guest lecturers actively work in the field and love what they do. One guest lecturer even flies in from Dallas on his own dime; that’s pretty cool!  Networking with other students was especially rich in his class. Finally, Marty takes feedback seriously. He actually spent time at lunch with students, inquires how the course could be improved, takes that information to heart, and finds a way to make his course better for the student. Recommendation, take the class and take any class with Marty Cooper, guaranteed to learn, have a good time and network.

Jag Soni, Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, PCC
Human Resource & Capital Management
Organization Effectiveness

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